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3 uitgaven gevonden in Peter Pesic

  • Labyrinth - Peter Pešić (ISBN 9780262161909)


    Nature has secrets, and it is the desire to uncover them that motivates the scientific quest. But what makes these "secrets" secret? Is it that they are beyond human ken? that they concern...
  • Abel's Proof - Peter Pesic (ISBN 9780262162166)

    Abel's Proof

    In 1824 a young Norwegian named Niels Henrik Abel proved conclusively that algebraic equations of the fifth order are not solvable in radicals. In this book Peter Pesic shows what an...
  • Seeing Double - Peter Pesic (ISBN 9780262661737)

    Seeing Double

    The unknown history of surveillance in relation to changing systems of representation and visual arts practice. The separateness and connection of individuals is perhaps the central question...

    Seeing Double

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